Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I saw This same UFO a while ago

A while ago I was on the road to Branson, Mo to see my Mother when I saw this same ufo which from the shape of the lights looked a lot like this:
I am Not sure if this is the same thing, but what happened was that there was a strange triangular shaped object hovering over a lighthouse thing, at first I thought that the light from the light house had started moving, because the lighthouse, which wasn't a lighthouse after all suddenly lost its light. I looked around to see what had happened to the light, and then I saw what looked like a triangle of red lights, but as it got closer I made out the outline of what looked like the picture above. The lighthouses light came back on, but it was on this UFO now and it was shinning down over the cars on the road. It hovered in a complete still (something airplanes just don't do) and after it shinned over all of the cars the light went out again and the object gathered speed and supper suddenly it disappeared. 

here is another story of what sounds like the same thing exactly 

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